Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas Play Timetable

Christmas Play Timetable!!

The sweet sound of nativity songs is echoing around the school at the moment as rehearsals are in full swing. Please see the timetable below for individual class productions!

Christmas Play Timetable
December 2017

Tuesday 12th
Wednesday 13th
Thursday 14th
Monday 18th

Ms O Regan

(Room 5)
Mrs O Connor

(Room 7)

Mrs Adderley

(Room 12)
Ms Feeney

(Room 13)


Ms O Brien

(Room 17)

Ms Harrington

(Room 14)
Ms Hickey

(Room 16)

Mr Gallagher

(Room 11)


Ms Donnelly

(Room 15)


Mrs Cummins

(Room 6)
Mr Delaney

(Room 8)
Mrs Meehan
(Room 9)
Mr Donovan

(Room 3)
Mr Breen

(Room 4)

Mr Goldrick

(Room 2)


Ms Mannion

(Room 10)

Dublin GAA Ladies visit

For the first time ever in our school we had a special visit from The Brendan Martin Cup, which was won by the Dublin GAA Ladies. They fought a tough match against Mayo to come out on top. 
We are so proud of our Dublin ladies and the Dublin men's GAA football teams. They are a great inspiration for us all here at SS Peter and Paul's and teach us the importance of exercise and a healthy diet.  Hopefully in the future some of our pupils here today will be bringing the cups back to visit us.

Mrs Adderley's Class

Ms Hickey's Class

Mrs Cummins' Class

Sam Maguire Visit

Today the Sam Maguire Cup came to visit us in SS Peter and Paul  JNS. It was very exciting! All the classes got their photo taken with the famous cup!. We shouted 'Up the Dubs!' in huge, loud voices! It was great fun! Well done to the Dublin team on winning The All-Ireland Football Championship this year!

Senior Infants
Ms Hickey's Class

Ms Donnelly's Class

Second Class

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Registration Deadline

Reminder that the registration for the new Junior Infants starting in September 2018 will end on Friday 12th January 2018

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Holy Communion

The date has been set for the children making their First Holy Communion in 2nd class. It will take place on Saturday the 19th May. 

Science Week

Science Week 13th - 24th November

The school has been buzzing with science experiments this week to mark the annual National Science Week. Mrs Bouzzah, our science coordinator, set up an array of activities to get the children's scientific brains working.

Heaviest Potato Competition
The first and second classes were asked to bring in the biggest potato they could find at home. It was then weighed in school.
 The winner was Clare in Mrs O Connor's class with a weight of 1,366g, 
2nd place went to Ava in Mrs Cummins' class, her potato weighed 900g 
3rd place went to Alex, also in Mrs Cummins' class whose potato weighed in at 816g. 

Well done girls!!!

Longest Carrot Competition
The first and second classes were also asked to bring in the longest carrot they could find at home. It was then measured in school by Mrs Bouzzah. 
The winners were Ava in Mrs Cummins' 2nd class, Adam in Mrs O Connor's 1st class, Megan in Mr Delaney's 1st class and Layla in Ms Meehan's 1st Class.

Well done everyone.

Paper Planes Winners
The children were asked to design and make a paper aeroplane anf see how far it would fly. Mrs Bouzzah, our Science coordinator, tested the finalist from the 1st and 2nd classes and the winners were as follows:
1st Class
1st: Samuel Maroszek
2nd: Amie McCafferty
3rd: Jayden Redmond Carolan

2nd Class:
1st: Reece Boyle
2nd: Antoni Witek, Honzi Dobusek
3rd: Muhammad Mohammed
Mrs Cummins' 2nd Class tested the distance of their paper aeroplanes

Science Stations
The fun continued in the hall when the exhibition tables were set up. The children  explored amongst other things magnets, thumb prints, floating & sinking and identifying fruit and vegetables. A big hit was the "Yawning Table" where the pupils explored whether yawning is contagious-the general consensus being that yes indeed it is!

Why not look out for some interesting programmes about science on tv or borrow science books from the library. You can also visit for more information or use the hashtag #scienceweek on twitter to view some interesting projects taking place around the country.

Thanks to Mrs Bouzzah who oversaw yet another successful Science Week with her usual enthusiasm and excitement.

Hall displays

Hall Noticeboard Displays

This month marked a change in our hall noticeboard displays and the children are definitely feeling the chill with their Winter inspired art work. Make sure to call over to the hall to admire the wonderful creations the children have made. 

Mrs Adderley's Junior Infants
 Mrs Adderley's Junior Infant class made some pretty penguins by cutting out shapes and adding cotton wool and crepe paper. 

 Ms Hickey's Senior Infants
Ms Hickey's Senior Infants were also learning about the Emperor Penguin and made this Arctic display complete with icicles. 

 Mrs O Connor's First Class
Mrs O Connor's First Class brought some colour to the hall with these wonderful Kandinsky style circles. They have been learning about the artist Wassily Kandinsky in class and after studying his famous artwork, they then created their own. 

Mrs Cummins' Second Class
In 2nd class Mrs Cummin's Class made some wonderful winter snow globes that featured themselves!! Such a lovely idea. See can you spot anyone you know in them.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Staff In-service Day

There will be a whole staff in-service day on the new Oral Language Curriculum on Tuesday the 14th of November. There will be no school for pupils on this day.

Book Fair

You are invited to the Ss Peter and Paul JNS Book Fair!
 It starts on Monday the 13th of November and runs until Friday the 17th November. On sale at the fair will be hundreds of great books for children of all ages priced at 30%-60% off shop prices, making it a great oppportunity to purchase some excellent reading material for your children and prehaps a few Christmas presents as well, whilst also benefiting the school.

The following time and days have been allocated to each class for the pupils and parents to attend the book fair.
Monday 13th November: 9.00-10.30am - Junior Infants
Wednesday 15th November: 9.00-10.30am - Senior Infants
Thursday 16th November: 9.00-10.30am - First Class

Friday 17th November: 9.00-10.30am - Second Class

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Registration for Junior Infants 2018 will take place on Monday 13th - Friday 17th November from 9.30-11.30am each morning. Registration must be completed by a parent/guardian.

Applications will not be accepted without the following:
• Birth Certificate - original
• Baptismal Certificate - original (where applicable)
• Recent Proof of Address (within the last 3 months)
•PPS number (proof of on either original yellow letter, free GP card etc.)
•All information/documentation regarding any medical, emotional or psychological condition.